How many would choose stellar 50mm f/2 IS over a mediocre 50mm f/1.4/1.2?

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Re: yup, HCB got quite a few boring shots with his 50mm

Forrest wrote:

JohnMatrix wrote:

akustykmagmanetpl wrote:

JohnMatrix wrote:

except, I wasn't talking about Bresson but about my own opinion of 50mm and its application to my type of photography.

LoL - you originally said "50mm is quite boring" without any additional qualification.

If you don't want your statements to be misinterpreted be a bit more thoughtful with your one-line posts in the future.

A better statement might have been something like "I find 50mm is not suited to my type of photography because most of my photos end up looking quite boring"

Which brings me on to this...

Since people don't live forever, and our days tend to be full, nobody has time to explain everything in the world. Having a conversation depends on both people to speak reasonably clearly, but it also depends on both people to use some common sense and judgement, and try to understand what the other person is saying in the context of the conversation. In this case, it was pretty clear what he was saying, you're just being pedantic because this is DPR.

sheesh - how am I being pedantic?

The OP's question was basically: "Which 50mm shall I buy?"  Followed with the statement "You can only choose one"

To which akustykmagmanetpl responded by saying "None. 50mm is quite boring"

Does akustykmagmanetpl's response qualify as a reasonable attempt at a "conversation" in your mind?

You're right about one thing though - typical DPR!  I quit! 

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