OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Re: OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

I started out with the Canon G-series: having progressed through G1, G2 and G3 I jumped ship for a 20D followed by a 50D and a 7D.

But I started wanting a smaller camera for occasions when I didn't want to lug the 7D with me.

So, since Canon had reintroduced the flip screen to the G-series, I added a G11 and then traded up to a G12.

The G12 was the only camera I took on a 2011 trip to South America, and as I was doing mostly landscape photography in good light, the slow focus and lack of a long zoom weren't a problem.

This year, planning a trip to the east, I expected to need a long lens to photograph wildlife, and opted for an SX50 to avoid carrying the 7D and a big lens.

There's much to like about the SX50: small learning curve if you know the G12, and that amazing zoom and very effective IS. But it's not great in low light, it feels plasticky (which it is) and it struggled to focus on animals in distant trees.

So I was persuaded by the forums full of people who were downsizing to the OM-D from 7Ds and similar and took the plunge in time for an Olympus extra lens offer (available here at least) which expires at the end of January.

Day 1 with the OM-D and (so far) only the kit 12-50.

It feels like a quality piece of equipment and is good to hold, especially with the top half of the grip, so I'm optimistic. I'm at the start of a learning curve with all the new menus, but the plan is to sell the 7D plus lenses and keep a pocketable camera alongside the OM-D.

Possibly the G12 or possibly a PEN or similar which can share lenses with the OM-D.

Question: I could set up my Canons to fill in the EXIF artist tag with my name automatically. Is that possible with the OM-D?

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