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Re: Hey, Forpetessake

Mjankor wrote:

I'm glad you've come here, yet again, to pester people about FF equivalence and why m4/3 is not the same as FF. Thank you all for reminding us that m4/3 is not the same as FF. I'm sure we'd all forgotten in your absence.

I'm glad you've pointed out that Oly have made a supertele zoom that's useless because it's way to slow (as per FF equivalence).

I promise never to post images like these again. I now understand that my tools are useless and cannot produce quality photos.

I will now go and purchase an FF camera so I can sneer down my nose at those small sensor peasants with their noisy images and slow lenses.

That is too funny!  I bought my little epl1, and the snob in me had to try and replace it with a "Canon" or a "Sony".  Now the snob in me is gone and I feel like I've come back to reality and , well, your pictures make an excellent point.

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