Tamron 14-150 for m43!!

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Re: Great! I need a new paperweight!

Steen Bay wrote:

amtberg wrote:

Dunno, man ... it seems like the assumption going on here is that anyone who would use this lens sucks, and therefore anything produced with it would suck. If, OTOH, you assume that the lens might be used by a decent photographer, I think it's safe to say that it would produce better results than a small sensor super zoom.

Yes, it'll of course be perfectly possible to get good results with the new Tamron 14-150mm (and with a superzoom too, for that matter).

I disagree that the compacts are as good as better MFT cameras at base ISO. If you campare, for example, the G3 to the highly regarded Panny FZ200 at 100% and base ISO, the FZ200 looks like a blurry mess.

Took a look at the G3 vs. FZ200 at base ISO in DPR's comparison tool, and yes, the G3, with more MPs (15.8 vs 12) and using one of the sharpest lenses available (Oly 50/2 macro) wins, but wouldn't call the FZ200 images "a blurry mess".

Well, that was perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but it's clearly several notches below the G3 even at base ISO, and that's not taking dynamic range into consideration.  At high ISO it isn't even a contest.

Just playing around with different cameras I was surprised how good the pics from Canon's SX260 looked.  Unfortunately it's lens is even slower than the MFT super zooms.  Canon G15 looks quite good but only a 5x zoom.

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