Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

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Re: Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

Yes, sorry, I apologized just above, I understand now. I'm blaming lack of caffeine. And the proliferation of rumors sites, fujirumors is saying the update is a fake and cameras shouldn't be flashed. I'll see if I can send them a note.

Maybe my XP1 will get 2.02 today...

dengx wrote:

pcb_dpr wrote:

If these are genuine new firmware updates, why aren't they available yet on Fuji's site? How did the poster on DChome obtain them?

You are missing something.

This firmware comes with XF14mm on a SD card and they just copied it from there.

Fujifilm wanted to publish even newer firmware at the time of release of XF14 (it seems they got it ready) but found a nasty bug (most likely the bug with XF18-55 and pixels in left-top corner) and postponed it.


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