XZ-10 a game changer?

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Ben Herrmann
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You know, I thought the same thing....

...meaning a small sensor as opposed to the overly-flogged statement "RX100 sensor." But y'know, I was very pleasantly surprised when I picked up the Canon SX-50 HS. It too has a small 1/2.3" sensor, but this time Canon included RAW capabilities. So I took a chance on that model because of its RAW capabilities. I boy, I was not disappointed.

The key here for this smallish XZ-10 is that it didn't try to do what Nikon did and up the MP count to 16...or even 18 MP's - it stayed at 12 MP's.

Much R&D has occurred with these smallish sensors since those dismal days of just a few years ago. With the added RAW capabilities, I think the XZ-10 may do well.

As far as its reception on the comments on the front page, heck....there's one guy who must have posted a half-dozen times (as if to compete who could say the most disparaging comments about a particular camera). Give it time, and let's see how it works out. Getting back to the SX-50 HS (which I initially panned upon its release), it too started turning some heads (in a positive way). But here are some RAW shots taken with that tiny SX-50 HS pin-head sensor - I wasn't disappointed (and in general, I enjoy the color rendition of Oly cameras much better)

This image was taken at the full 1200 MM zoom - hand-held. This scene was almost 500 yards away towards the middle of this particular lake.

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