Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

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Re: Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

OutOfFocus student wrote:

1. I agree (and know) that it will go below MIN ISO if the shutter speed has hit its ceiling. But that's essentially irrelevant for most shooting conditions.

2. You need to set it to ISO 100 before you can turn it off. That's why two wheels are necessary and you want is lost setting is lost.

3. I still have not heard a single good reason to have ISO lower bounded (there are many good reasons to have it otherwise). And anyone who finds this sensible please explain why in M and A modes it behaves differently?

This is pure nonsense that (as far as I know) no other manufacturer has. The only good thing about this system is that AutoISO is flexible enough that I almost never need to use manual ISO so I use manual ISO only in M which is implemented in a logical way.

RP McMurphy wrote:

OutOfFocus student wrote:

It's easy to figure out. It's hard to understand why (and how) someone could someone design something so clumsy and illogical.

It's welcome (if overdue) that Nikon realized that having a quick way to turn on/off Auto ISO is useful. But why directly turning off Auto-ISO keeps the most recent ISO as minimum??? Who needs this setting? The result is that actually turning on/off iso requires using both wheels and is even worse than the basic way other companies have. And why is it inconsistent between M and A modes ... I can't help thinking that Nikon UI designers are downright incompetent.

I think you have it wrong

The ISO set is not the minimum, it will choose lower when it hits the max shutter speed

What's not to like and why would you need anything else

On the occasion that you want a creative slow shutter speed and need to lower the iso then it's as quick as turning auto iso off and on and choosing what you want, turn the auto back on and whatever was in your iso setting is immaterial, the camera will go back to choosing the correct shutter speed based on your settings on relative speed with respect to FL

Turning it off does not require using 2 thumb wheels - why? If you set it at iso 100 then the camera will choose 1/FL and raise iso if required, if you set it at iso 6400 in bright light then the camera will reduce iso once it hits max shutter speed, unless in manual obviously (but then why auto anything if you want a manual setting)

I cannot beleive that you can call Nikon engineers downright incompetent when they have a system that personally I would not wish to change, you may wish that it was different but that doesn't make them incompetent. Perhaps it is your incompetence in that you dont even know how to work it. Completley ridiculous reaction on your part when it's clear you have not read the manual but come on here blowing off steam and criticising others for your lack of knowledge

I ahv e no idea of what you actually want. You seems to be flogging a dead horse here. Pretty much everybody has disagreed with you

You say there's 'no good reason to have it lower bounded(but plenty good reasons to have it otherwise)'

Sorry but ..what?

The objective is to have as low an iso as possible

The auto iso is linked to your lens and you set it if you want faster shutter speeds so you do not get motion blur. If you ahve shaky hands then the auto iso is set to be >1/FL

Now within that frame work there is nobody I know that would like a higher iso top be used where the shutter speed is suitable to the lens (as I say if 1/FL is not sufficient because you have shakey hands you set it higher, if 1/FL is too high because you have VR then it's set lower)

So who wants the correct shutter speed and as high an iso as possiible?

If you do then use shutter priority

It's different in manual because manual is manual and doesn't 'auto' for you

So I see absolutely zero logic in what you say, and from the other responses it seems that nobody else finds logic in what you want

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