Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

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Re: Impressing with AF improvement in new firmware

So this is an interim firmware release for adding XF14 support to the XP1/XE1, and is included with shipping XF14 lenses. I know you said that already, twice now, but I haven't had my morning coffee yet so not much is entering my brain.

Fuji hasn't made the XF14 firmware available on their website yet, or mentioned the 2.02 update (XP1) either, as far as I've seen, which probably accounts for the: "it's a fake!" chatter on

And some folks are saying this update does improve AF performance with other lenses. I'll probably let others test it before I try it on my camera, I'd feel better if Fuji made mention of all this on their website firmware update pages.

dengx wrote:

pkincy wrote:

Please note that Fuji says this is NOT the new FW and should not be downloaded or installed.

It is a new firmware, it is just not the latest one that was to be released week ago but was pushed back.

It is a firmware that is bundled with XF14. That's all.


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