Out in the fog. (8 pics, so might be long)

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Re: Out in the fog. (8 pics, so might be long)

lewynn wrote:

imqqmi wrote:

An old Chevy pick up. There was some houses in the background so I didn't take the whole thing.

I like the detail composition but the snow at the front has some blown channels, blue mostly. I haven't calibrated my monitors for ages so I can't really say if it produces a color cast but I'd try backing off exposure if you've shot this in raw.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks imqqmi!

I did shoot in RAW. How would I adjust the exposure? I only have the Canon DPP that I use for post editing so I don't know if I can do a whole lot of adjusting.

In DPP, open the photo in the "Edit Image Window".  At the very top of the tool palette there is the "Brightness Adjustment" slider.  Move this slider to the left to reduce brightness in the image up to 2 stops.

Also try adjusting the "Highlight" slider below the Histogram.  This may also give you what you need.

I think it was blown out anyway, I tried get the color right for the truck and sort of crop out more of the foreground.

Oh, and by the way, the stuff at the top of the first picture is actually the mountains behind the house that were starting to poke through the fog. I cropped it at a 5:4 ratio so it would be an 8x10. Shouldn't be a square crop.

I like your photos!

Good luck!

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