Detail vs Noise. D800 /e-m5

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SantaFeBill Senior Member • Posts: 2,616
Re: Detail vs Noise. D800 /e-m5

jim stirling wrote:

I am genuinely interested in how either the technical argument or the output
arguments hold up in the following experiment. My contention is that due to the
extra detail contained in the D800 6400 file that it is either has 2 stops better detail than the E-M5 at 1600ISO or if you chose to sacrifice some of the extra detail to NR, you then end up with a two stops cleaner file from the D800

Whether an exact 2-stop difference, it surely makes sense, given the significantly larger sensor and larger pixel count of the D800, that it would give more detail and less noise in similar situations than the E-M5.

The E-M5 is remarkable for a m4/3 camera, but to compare it to what may well be the best full-frame DSLR is still an apple vs. oranges one.

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