x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

We won't really know how much better/worse the X100S will be until it ships, which makes the $/quality equation difficult/impossible. It's pretty hard to decide if it's worth twice as much to you until you know what it really does, and nobody who really knows is talking yet.

Secondly, announced dates and actual availability dates can be very different. It took months after the original X100 shipped for early backorders to be filled. Hopefully Fuji learned from this and will have more product ready to flood the pipeline from the start, but we don't know yet. Even if the X100S is "available" on 2/18, it may only be available to those who pre-ordered it already.

If you are able to wait 1-2 (2-3?) months, the X100S should have shipped in sufficient numbers to be tested by the testers and discussed on the forums. By that time both new and used X100 prices will have dropped, so X100 acquisition costs should be significantly lower than today.

That means a couple of months waiting with no camera. So I'd advise you to buy a clean used X100 now, give yourself some time to use/understand the camera. Then when the X100S is actually available you'll have an actual/personal basis to evaluate its cost/performance value compared to your X100. And buying a used X100 today should yield less depreciation than buying new today.

The X100 is a great camera with great output. The X100S should have improved output and faster focus. I would certainly appreciate faster focus. I wouldn't mind improved output, but the X100 is already so good I don't think it would make a significant impact to my photos. I'll probably want one as soon as I hold one, but I'll probably wait to buy one until some used ones come along. The X100 is a hard act to improve on at 2x the cost.

Jonny Y wrote:

According to Amazon UK, the x100s will be available on Feb 18th. That sounds early, given what else I've read on these forums and elsewhere, but it's an indication and should be along soon. So the question is what to go for.

I've seen an x100 here in Shanghai, supposedly new (looked it) but obviously grey market, for the equivalent of 480 GBP. Amazon UK lists the 100s as costing a shade under 1100 GBP. So, massive difference.

Price is definitely a concern for me and I would be stretching like crazy to afford the 100s.

Any advice please? To stretch myself financially or not?

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