How many of you own RX1 and/or RX100 plus other cameras. Is RX1 or RX100 your "go to" camera now?

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RX100 to go and more...

A hobbyist myself, struggling with GAS at times, my camera use would be for family and holiday trips. I have sentimental feeling to every camera gear I acquired and have difficulty letting them go.

Had EOS30D + Fuji 31fd for many years. Sold 30D, still have 31fd, retired. Still keeping 6 EOS lenses, waiting for the right FF camera (not interested in current EOS offerings).

Been using GF1 for 2 years, and still have it. Also have Powershot D10 for waterproof.

Was searching for a better everywhere compact. Nothing interesting until RX100.

Bought RX100 in Aug 12. Very happy with the camera. With me 100% in every weekend/family trips. GF1 gets left behind.

I have also been following OMD, grew interests from every articles/reviews/user experiences, and ended up wanting it. Been holding back for 6 months, broke down & purchase OMD last Sat. Have been busy at works so not yet shooting with it, just play around with the settings.

Planning for mid & year end vacation & will bring RX100 & OMD (if I'm fortunate enough to make my Japan trip a reality, will bring GF1 along).

Still have room/budget for 1 more, i.e. FF camera. I am hoping it'll be Canon so I could use my lenses...otherwise no hurry, unless Nikon/Sony has too great offering to miss then it's time to unload my EOS lenses and move-on.

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