Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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A thought

Many of the posts are confusing two different processes, including the original post.  The original photographic triangle referred to the process of taking a photo, and the compromises or attributes a photographer chose.  Those three points were ISO (or film speed), lens aperture and shutter speed, and they affect noise, depth of field and motion blur.

What many posts are confusing, including perhaps me, is these variable as they affect the ultimate image.  The proposed term by the OP to add is scene luminescence or scene brightness.  The problem is that the proposed new trilogy has an output factor now combined with two input variables, which irritated me greatly  because it just doesn't work with the other two input variables.

I think what the OP is really trying to discuss is the output trilogy, which is depth of field in the screen image (or print), brightness in the image, and sharpness of the image (unless the photographer has chosen to have it unsharp, such as waterfall motion blur).

These two trinities IMHO do not mix.  As the original trinity is about the process of taking a photo while the second trinity is about what people ultimately see. So I agree with the OP that scene brightness is part of a trinity, it should not be lumped with shutter speed and aperture.

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