Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

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Peter Brogden
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Re: I do actually...

Zalan wrote:

I'm in the same shoes, I love my D300, but missing lenses plus size and weight are my issues with it. I personally do not care about a D400 as I have no intention to upgrade the body, the D300 has everyting I need. However if I would have a smaller quality camera, I would use it more often and this is very tempting. Last year I even put up some ads in local forums and I was very close to sell the Nikon. The buyer stepped back at the last minute, so I still have everything and I'm still in doubts. For me the problem is that I cannot afford both and I can only buy the Fuji if I sell what I have. Having no experience with mirorrless, I'm a bit hesitant. If I make the move, I will have no money to come back if I want to. Also my son is only 9 months old and he keeps me busy, I will consider it more seriously as my kid will be a bit bigger and I will have more free time again.

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Zalan Szabo

If your budget is for one system, then a DX DSLR is the most versatile and cost effective solution in my opinion.
I've built a very nice micro 4/3 system, while waiting for a D300 replacement. I love the lightness of kit and quality of image. But - mirroless cannot track moving subjects, which makes it useless for sports, kids, pets etc. So my advice is - stick with the D300, it's a great camera.

Of course when Nikon get round to building a suitable replacement for my D300, I might stop spending my money elsewhere and return to the fold so to speak.


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