Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

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Re: Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

DezM wrote:

I own a D300 and Sony NEX-7. The NEX delivers great IQ and is a nice compliment to my SLR but I don't see me ditching the SLR as the NEX wouldn't perform as well in a professional gig. Auto focus is more reliable on a SLR, as well as focal length reach. Speedlights, accessories, etc are more abundant for the SLR.

If you don't do gigs and shoot for a hobby, mirrorless offers great features in a more compact body.


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Totally agree.

I love my Samsung NX210, but if I photographed for a living none of the mirrorless cameras would be my first choice. In fact I would choose an entry-level DSLR like the D3100 over any mirrorless.

But that's just me.

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