OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Re: OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

I have the 20/1.7 lens and have never learned to love it.  I just find it too "clinical" in terms of its image quality, colors, etc.  Make no mistake, quantitatively it is an excellent lens with very good sharpness, etc.  But I found it lacking qualitatively.

I was going to suggest the PL25mm lens as a replacement.  It's a little less wide and it's bigger but I find the image it produces much better, not to mention it's a half stop faster.

But then I re-read your post and it strikes me that you really like the wider end of things as well as a little telephoto every now and then.  I think the lens that will give you the best bang for that buck is the 14-45mm, although you will struggle with it indoors as it's not that fast.  And it's big.  Real big, compared to your G12.

The OM-D's ergonomics are, frankly, not very good.  The Panasonic Gx series are much better, IMO.  But the OM-D looks much better and is better built than all but the GH3.  On the other hand, the OM-D was built to be worn hanging from a neck strap, something that the Gx cameras don't do very well at.

I'd venture that you can sell your 20mm/1.7 for not much less than a new 14-45mm will cost you.  Why not give that a try before giving up?

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