Canon G15 compared to its competition?

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Re: If you shoot RAW ...

jimr wrote:

The interesting comparison for me will be with the the Fuji X 20 which will be available in about a month. The changes from the Fuji X10 to the Fuji X20 appear be very significant.

Time will tell...

... then there's no comparison between the G15 and the X20.

The X-Trans Fuji senors use a non-Bayer arrangement of the sites in the sensor. Getting good results from the RAW files seems to be very difficult. AFAIK, only the SilkyPix sw that comes with the cameras works at all well, unless you go to the rather expensive Capture One Pro, which still may not give as good a results as SP. (The ACR results in the DPR article on RAW conversion for the X-Trans don't look encouraging.) And C1 Pro doesn't yet support the X20, although in an e-mail Phase One support acknowledged that they were working on it. In any case, the latest C1 Pro is only available in 64-bit. SilkyPix is infamous for its user-hostile non-Windows conforming UI.

OTOH,  G15 RAW is already supported in DxO Optics Pro and LR4, and quiet possibly other RAW editors/converters as well. It can also use Canon's dedicated DPP, which I believe comes with the camera.

But if you're a JPEG-only shooter, Fuji seems to be known for the high quality of its OOC JPEGs. And if you value an OVF, as I do, of course the one on the X20 is far better than the G15's.

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