Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Examples

jcharding wrote:

I'd also point out that all of ISO, aperture and shutter speed affect rendered brightness.

Only if you shoot JPEGs or accept converter defaults.  There is nothing in a RAW file that dictates what brightness is possible from the file.  The only issues are noise in the shadows, and clipping of the highlights.

ISO exposure index doesn't even have to be established until the image is displayed, and a displayed image doesn't even need to have a single ISO; different parts of the image or different tonal ranges can have different exposure indices.

In fact, if you had a super-DR image and a super-DR monitor in a dark room with charcoal black walls, and walked in from the sunlight, the ISO would change from low to high as your eyes adjusted to the dark areas.  Existing notions of ISO exposure indices are dependent on temporary technology issues, where DR of display devices is limited.

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