Canon G15 compared to its competition?

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Re: Canon G15 compared to its competition?

I found the LX7 to be quite far ahead other compacts in terms of Video! Some pretty impressive feature set it has. If a Video camera was priority, I would have went with the LX7. Don't get me wrong, the LX7 takes some solid photos but just isn't there in some aspects which were crucial to me.

The Canon G15 has remarkable high ISO capability for it's Sensor size. Comparing my S100 to my G15, I find just about every IQ characteristic to be better on the G15. I am liking the way Canon is going with their flashes now as apposed to before, thus needing a hotshoe - G15. Canon's array of Speedlights was a big advantage for me. The G15 has great build quality IMO while maintaining just about perfect size and wait, and still on some days, I consider it to be pocketable " depends how Gangster I wanna B " LOL.

OVF though subpar, has rendered itself quite useful at time. I also find the Canon menu system to be very logical and straight forward. Camera speed was the biggest thing for me. No matter what you throw at it, its fast, menu to AF. The Autofocus improvements Canon made were accurate and true. I'm impressed with the AF.

I had taken some of the advanced compacts for a spin-P7700 and such, but they did NOT AF as fast, write times to slow and to big for my liking. Canon put out a great camera.

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