OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Too close to normal?

the 20mm that is.

Sounds like you prefer the wide end and regularly delve into the tele range.

Decide how much of your dilemma is due to the camera itself and how much is frustration w the single focal length.  If it's the camera, go ahead and sell it, but if it's more the lens, you'll want another lens or two.

Can you sink another $170 or so into the system for the 14mm?  (that's what they go for on eBay for new/dekitted lenses)

Live w that lens a while before adding a tele-zoom.  Just keep in mind if you want pocketability, the 14 stays on the camera and the zoom (40-150, 45-150) waits in another pocket until needed- you won't get the camera plus the longer lens on your pocket. You can pick up the 40-150 for under $200.  Or, pick up the 45mm or 60 macro for the long end for a bit more.

So, are you willing to sink another $400+ to get the range you need?

On the other hand, if full zoom range must fit in your pocket and be always ready, you're willing to give up some control for a simpler interface, then a compact zoom camera is probably a better choice for you.

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