How many would choose stellar 50mm f/2 IS over a mediocre 50mm f/1.4/1.2?

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Re: the game breaker is

MAC wrote:

the new sigma art lenses at F1.4 are as sharp as the new canon 35 f2 IS lens at F2 - even in mid frame.

why would one buy a hi iso 5d3/6d machine only to loose a stop of light by buying F2 versus blazing sharp f1.4 glass at about the same price?

1. DOF at f/2 is bigger than DOF at f/1.4;

2. safe exposure time is much longer for f/2 IS than f/1.4. and by much I mean for static subjects and calm shooter you get around 99% perfectly detailed pictures at 1/10 second. with 35/1.4 you'd need 1/60 for the same success ratio. sure, you can crank up ISO to keep the exposure time short enough, but why masturbate about great resolution of these lenses and then immediately throw it away due to noise (reduction)?

I guess that answers you question about "why". there simply are situations where stabilized f/2 is better than one extra stop without IS.

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