X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Questions thread
OP tiberiousgracchus Regular Member • Posts: 250
Re: X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

LaFonte wrote:

tiberiousgracchus wrote:

As i wear my camera now it either hangs round my neck for quick shooting but looks 'touristy' or over my left shoulder (not really for shooting and very awkward when i wish to use it in an instant.

So I was thinking of going for this combination. Has anyone had any experience if the brad Strap actually works with the Snapr35? Im unable to find any confirmation of this on the www.


I kind of feel weird with those small purses on straps hanging around your body. I mean i would rather look touristy than having a tiny bag on string running around me.

You do have a point. Perhaps i will take Zach Arias advice and just ditch the bag post purchase.

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