800mm f/5.6...lighter than 600mm f/4....nice!

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Re: Only $5K more than Sony 500/4 !

Daniel Clune wrote:

Hey iam not saying don't buy it but seriously you had better make at least 100 grand a year to be in the ballpark to buy such a lens. But even at 100K a year 18K for one lens is still allot of money. My sigma 300-800 I used to have was quite a nice lens and very sharp. It cost me used 4 grand and a zoom to boot. I would buy another Sigma 300-800 over this 18 grand one any day. Sure the Nikon will be a LITTLE better but not that much better. Its for the rich. You need your head examined if you say make only 50K a year and buy this for your hobby. Only thing you mentioned above that is over 18 grand are boats which you can get a 30 year loan for. I know several that have such loans for large boats and its more like a lease than anything else.But hey if you got it spend it. But it seems to me this is more a status symbol lens for Nikon. If Nikon sells more than say 2000 of these world wide I would be shocked.

I agree that this is a product for a tiny niche market and that it will sell in small numbers.  Maybe most people who ever use one will rent it rather than buy it.  But where there's a will there's a way ... if it's important enough.  (It's just not going to be important enough for very many).

- Dennis

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