RX100 - Any way to revert to custom settings

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: RX100 - Any way to revert to custom settings

andywhoa wrote:

The problem is I have a number of settings I want the camera to be defaulted to (single shot, vivid, spot metering, disabled flash, etc). Some times I need to change several of this for a specific kind of shot. It is tedious to go change them all back individually. I wish there were a way to press a button and all of my settings go back to "default." I guess I cannot do this.

There is actually a way to do this. First, you should understand that the camera basically has 4 memory sets - one global and the 3 MR sets. If you change anything outside of MR mode, you always affect the global settings, and every change will be instantly saved (to the global set). However if you change something inside MR mode, changes are not saved, unless you save them to one of the MR sets.

So, to do what you want, you could set up the global settings to your liking and always leave them like that. Then if you want to do only temporary changes select the shooting mode you want, save the global settings to one of the MR modes and go to MR mode. There you'll have your selected shooting mode and default settings, ready to be played with, without affecting your global settings.

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