Is the D600 iso sensitivity inflated?

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Because it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

dholl wrote:

Henrik72 wrote:

A sony a57 it typically selects one stop higher iso at similar settings.

The Sony SLT camera use Single-Lens Translucent technology (semi-transparency, instead of a mirror). This makes them a little less able to transfer light onto the sensor.

This is why you have this little conundrum.

Wikipedia states:

"Less light reaching sensor, due to a portion of the light being reflected to phase-detection autofocus array (approximately 1/2 EV or ca. 30% in visible spectrum 400-700 nm)."

The SLT's apply gain under the hood, which means that the reported ISO's and physical exposure settings (shutterspeed and F stop) will or should not reflect that light "loss".

In other words, they won't compensate by using a higher ISO, slower shutterspeed or underexpose visually, they will apply digital gain (multiplying values digitally before writing the RAW files and/ or adjustment of curves in the jpeg engine and RAW converter at default values).

Normally the only visible difference is more noise, for example 1 to 1.5 dB lower (equiv. of 0.3 to 0.5 EV) SNR at 18% gray.

And while the message of the OP wasn't too clear in wording it, what he actually meant was that the Nikon typically picked ISO's a stop higher, which would be the opposite of what your theory implies.

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