OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Re: OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

BorisGil wrote:

After one year I wanted something more - Gear Acquisition Syndrome kicked in, there were so many shiny cameras around, and I *did* start feeling some of the limitations - autofocus speed, high noise levels above ISO400, and a natural detail-resolving limit due to the sensor size (though it is capable of really great photos under the right conditions. This, for example, is probably my best photo till now, and it was taken with the G12).

I'd think more about what you really want from a camera.  How much was the G12 holding you back and how much of your decision was Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

How serious a problem are AF speed, noise above ISO 400 and detail resolving limit? Do you shoot a lot of rapidly moving subjects and can't prefocus or otherwise solve the problem with technique?  Regarding noise, read some of the equivalence arguments - at the same angle of view and DOF, sensors of the same generation should have about the same noise.  Detail resolving power is usually only a serious problem if you pixel peep.

Personally, I chose an E-M5 because I wanted an ultra-wide angle lens and high quality viewfinder in a small light package.  No compact goes wider than 24mm equiv and has a high quality VF and DSLRs are too heavy.

If I were a sports photographer, I'd get a DSLR, for the AF speed and DOF control. Compacts and mirrorless cameras won't be able to keep up.

Anyway, make a list of what you need and don't get with the G12, as well as what you like and use on the G12, and then see if there are existing cameras that fill the bill.

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