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Re: rubbish

Austin101 wrote:

sharpening was set to default for both RAW files in LR, no changes to either, others will tell you that LR isn't the best tool for the Fuji RAW files and they might be right but I think that the issue itself is with the RAW file and how Fuji add NR to them which is more evident in foliage.

Mmmhh...but the problem or issue with folliage doesn´t show up, if you convert the Fuji RAW with Capture One or Silkypix - there is significent more detail possible.


That clearly speaks for a Adobe problem, which they will surly soon solve with the next LR update.

I have a Fuji X-E1 and think it is as sharp as my sharpest Cameras in RAW: the Canon 5D and the Panasonic GF1, which both have superweak AA filters and superb per pixel sharpness.

I do not think it is sharper per pixel. But DR, shadownoise, highlight recovery is just great with the Fuji.

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