NX200 Landed

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NX200 Landed

I`ve been after trying an NX200 after developing RAW files from photography Blog. I`ve had a few mirrorless cams for personal use over the years, various M43 in the past (some great cams there , great glass too but sensors are still lacking, especially DR), NEX 5, 5N and 7 - still have the original 5 as its sharper than the 5N, the 7 was wonderful bar the Video button issue (which became disablable in firmware launched after I sold it) but the series lacked glass on launch and still does now - STILL no decent zoom for the system, the 18-55 is mediocre at best as they tend to be , the 7 only showed the glass deficiencies up even worse . From various reports, all the sammy glass is excellent bar the 18-55 and more suprisingly the Oly-lookalike, 20-50 seems to be a Gem .

So an Ex-display (Currys I suspect due to the marks on the lens) NX200 + 20-50 + flash + battery showed up on fleabay and went for the kind of money usually associated with Micro 4/3 stuff well past their sell by date so gave it a punt. it arrived a couple of hours ago.

Yup, the 20-50 at the wide end is a supriser, it`s better than some Primes (the Oly 17mm springs to mind) and in an unsupported RAW converter like Capture one (after DNG), the wide end is more like 17mm anyway with a bit of barrel Dist, sharp edge to edge wideopen with minimal CA . the long end of this sample like all of the 18-55 variants I`ve used (canon, Nikon, Sony etc as well as the Oly and panny kit lenses) isn`t that clever, a but on the soft side but actually seems to get sharper the further the subject (which is preferable but unusual) so may be good at infinity .

the dreaded RAW write isn`t bad for my walkabout use of these cams, I`ll never see the Processing message in real use (rather than gunning tests in RAW+JPG) . OOC JPGs are overprocessed and lifeless but I`ll be shooting RAW anyway . detail seems about the same as the NEX7 but without lens difficulties (the Sony 18-55 isn`t up to the resolution by a mile, the sammy 20-50 actually IS) .. Builld isn`t as nice as the EX1 which I find suprising but better than the NX100 .

Like it , a good replacement for the NEX5+16mm I tote about giving me a healthy resolution boost, an improvement in high ISOs for a given print size, a better LCD, faster AF, far less acoustic clatter and better glass allround ....... all I need are the 16 and 30mm Primes... err and a proper charger (using an ansmann universal)

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