OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Re: OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

BorisGil wrote:

Hello all,

I'm writing to share a certain conundrum situation I found myself in and to ask for your advice and opinions.

I've started taking photography seriously in September 2011, after losing my old point-and-shoot and looking for a new camera. I've quickly stumbled upon the Canon G12 and realized I wanted it quite badly, though it was way out of my intended budget. I went with the hunch and think it was one of my best purchases - I enjoyed using the camera, enjoyed picking it up, loved the many dials and buttons and the swivel screen. And subconsciously, not realzing I loved it, I loved the focal range (28-140 + 1cm focusing distance for macro) and the way the Canon rendered color. There were certainly limitations, but I felt they were driving me to try creative solutions rather than driving me crazy...

After one year I wanted something more - Gear Acquisition Syndrome kicked in, there were so many shiny cameras around, and I *did* start feeling some of the limitations - autofocus speed, high noise levels above ISO400, and a natural detail-resolving limit due to the sensor size (though it is capable of really great photos under the right conditions. This, for example, is probably my best photo till now, and it was taken with the G12).

After reading countless reviews and fretting for several weeks (sadly, that's true) I went for the OM-D with the 20/1.7 - as great a combination of IQ and compactness as I could hope for. And now, three and a half months later, I'm seriously considering selling it. Why?

The most immediate answer is that I stopped having fun taking photos. I think it's a combination of things - the ergnomics: the G12 felt really good in my hand, the OM-D feels... dunno, awkward. I tried the grip at a store, and yes, it's much better, but it's just part of the problem. The bigger thing is that either a prime is not working for me (I dearly miss the flexibility), or this specific focal length doesn't work for me (I later checked my previous photos, and found that more than a third were taken at 28mm; the rest are spread between 60-140mm, while almost none are at the 35-50 part of the zoom; I should have checked earlier, I know), or the way the 20mm renders color doesn't work for me (I find myself converting almost everything to black and white, I didn't do this before), or, most probably, all things together.

Well, then, one would think I should buy the grip and change the lens, and problem is solved. Yes, but my big question than is - what lens do I change to? Compactness is key - I need something that fits into my coat pocket. It's a big pocket, but I'd say that my lens length limit would be around 5-6cms - so all the big zooms are out of the question. The newly announced 14-42 mkii might work, but it won't be here for some time, and we don't know what kind of image quality it'd have (one thing to say for the 20mm - the sharpness is addictive...). I looked very hard at the 14mm, but dunno, if the sample images are fair examples, then I can get the same type of detail resolving power from the G12 @28mm.

The other options are: keep the OM-D, get the grip, and wait for a suitable lens to appear at some point. Or, sell the OM-D and get something else (one interesting option would be one of the Nexes with the Sigma 19mm. Or Samsung NX with the 20mm pancake; I love the Samsung ergonomics, even better than the G12 for my hands). Or, sell the OM-D and buy nothing for the moment, go back to the G12 and concentrate on becoming a better photographer (and wait for the right camera to appear...).

Two cameras I did try and didn't like were the RX-100 (again, awkward ergonomics, the 3:2 sensor size doesn't work for me, and it has no viewfinder or swivel screen - I need one of them) and the G15 (again no [proper] viewfinder or swivel screen, and ergonomics are worse for me than those of the G12). One camera I tried and did like was the Fuji X-E1 with the kit zoom (I'm forgetting, is there a 28mm equivalent for the Fujis?), but I'm worried a bit about the lack of ACR support and it's certainly on the large-ish side of things for me. But it's an option too.

So, thanks for your patience if you've got this far, and any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Your making excuses for a camera the OMD that you do not like. I have the Canon G12 and its a nice p&s camera. So you can sell the OMD get what you get before a replacement is announced making the re-sale even less.

The Panasonic GX-1 is small and has an improved grip. The Panasonic GH-3 is the first camera I am not using a permanent neck strap its that comfortable to hold. I have a Black Rapid strap that can quickly get attached and removed for the GH-3.

Either way if you need a vertical grip to make ANY camera easy to hold its not worth it. The grip for the GH-3 is fine, but right now a waste of money for me since I shoot video and will never need that grip. Even if I got the grip one major thing is it changes how my camera bags will work since you have to allow for the grip and if you have a vertical grip you want to leave it on all the time.

Its your money, your photography. If you take the same shot with the OMD or G12 unless you say something or its shows in EXIF no one will know.

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