Should Oly bring out a competitor to the NEX6?

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Re: Should Sony bring out a competitor to the E-M5?

papillon_65 wrote:

tt321 wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Because the 5 axis IBIS is a killer feature for using legacy lenses.....just sayin'......

Current technology means that this is not available in a NEX or GX1 or PEN style body. The VF on top styling was needed to work this complex IBIS into the body, not what the OP was calling for.

In any case, NEX-6 has no IS in the body. But building IS into prime and WA lenses is a NEX strength that Panasonic should seriously take a look at.

You missed the irony behind my comment.....never mind....

Just realized this is one of those clone the NEX6 please pretty please threads - a bit slow on my part

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