Bought Nikon d600 yesterday

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Re: Bought Nikon d600 yesterday

If "one spot" is your threshold you might never take another photo in your life... with any camera.

I am sure there are some very bad dirt/oil/dust prone 600s out there but there are plenty of "normal" units too, but normal means you might or in fact almost certainly will have some bunnies from time to time or even some very small ones  all of the time.

I'm going to hazard a guess most cameras have some dust at any given moment, but it just isn't showing in most shots most of the time. The example above is pretty telling. The poster (Boushh) put it there as an example of a "clean" shot/camera, then another fellow amps up the micro contrast (excessively by my taste) and voila, there we can see a few dust particles are in fact in that camera. But of course, the original shot as originally processed is fine (and a nice shot to boot).

Should he have skipped the light of that fine morning for fear of dust ??

I have a 600 and it's dirtier than my D700 is - that is to say, it seems to accumulate dust somewhat more easily or at a faster rate. On average I have to clean the 700 about once a month where as the 600 seems to need "a blow" every couple of weeks. But the nature of getting a particle that disturbs a file is, of course, erratic. You may have just cleaned and big monkey shows up the next day - or you may go for months (D700 was like this) before you make some shot and realize your camera is really pretty dirty.

I've done three wet cleanings on the 600 since bought in October. I'm at about 17000 clicks. I only do a wet cleaning if a blow will not remove something I can see at f/11.0. I check for dust at f/29. With that small aperture I can always see some small "nits" even after a wet clean - but so what if they are invisible at f/11.0 and lower.

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