x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Hang on for a bit

Jonny Y wrote:

Thanks, good suggestion re. the Flickr group, I will take a look now.

I agree about the price - i really can't see it dropping very much further (although I probably will wait a month or two - particularly as I have upcoming trips to both Singapore and Hong Kong planned!). I think 500 GBP or thereabouts, or better still 400, is worth every penny. I doubt stocks are so high that they'd need to sell them off for cheaper, so it may be a question of trying to snap up one of the few remaining new ones (I don't want second hand).

I think the price will stabilise once the X100s is released - I can see it steadily falling until then (it has done already in the UK). I can see the price dropping to £400 odd just after the X100s release.

If you value your money (which your post above suggests) I would strongly suggest that you wait until the actual release of the X100s - you may well be able to pick up a new camera at a bargain price.

As to the X100 itself, while I think it's worthwhile looking at the X100 Flickr group I would advise you to take a look at the images full screen and compare them to X-Pro1 or X-E1 images too. Everything everyone has said here about the qualities of the X100 is true (the lens in particular is just great) BUT the sensor is more than last gen now (I first had that sensor in an A700 in 2008) and I really do notice the difference (particularly in resolution and detail) when I compare X100 shots to those taken with the X-Pro1 (the X-Pro1 shots are hands down better).

I enjoy using the X100 (it's a genuinely "fun" camera) but all too often the results don't quite hold up to what you can push out of the X-Pro1 (if you look at this Flickr set full screen, which is probably about half and half X100 and X-Pro1, hopefully you can see what I mean: Flickr Set).

You might not of seen this either, but the early results from the X100S look good: http://www.flixelpix.com/featured/hands-on-the-x100s/

If I were you, notwithstanding what you've said above, I would look into getting a second hand X100 after the release of the X100S. That way, depreciation is less likely to be an issue and if you really want the boost in IQ the x-trans sensor will give you, you can trade for little overall loss.

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