Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

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Re: Had Trouble With Focus Point on D7000... Any Thoughts?

Stacey_K wrote:

As others pointed out, for a static subject sometimes it's simply easier to MF rather than fight with forcing AF to work.

Another thing to practice is using live view. You can zoom in, move the view window to the subject and get super accurate focus. I found myself using live view zoomed in more and more for landscapes etc when I have time to use it. You -know- it's in focus then! I've found I can even use it hand held but it's easier with a tripod.

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Thanks Stacey, good point!  I've almost forgotten I have live view... I think I used it maybe 3 times in two years... and then, it was just to see if it worked ok.  Another tool in the bag which I have to remember I have... Thanks much!

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