Looking for advice about RX1 or Fuji X-E1 and what to expect coming from a DSLR.

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Looking for advice about RX1 or Fuji X-E1 and what to expect coming from a DSLR.


This is my first message here but I've been following this great board for some time, mainly cause I'm interested in buying a Sony RX1, but I'm still pretty uncertain: it's a pretty expensive "jump" and a lot different from my previous camera. So I'm here kindly asking for advices from real users and more experts photographers.


My present gear is a DSRL Pentax k10d + 16-45, so you can tell I'm no pro but I do love taking street photos and trip photos and I enjoyed this camera and lens a lot over the years, BUT I'm feeling it's now outdated and mostly on my last trip to Japan it felt as a heavy tool to take around all day. In Tokyo I tried a nex 7 with zeiss 24mm and felt in love with it's image quality and lightweight. EVF felt quite weird and not very good but overall the camera looked great.


A very sharp, top IQ, lightweight camera to carry around as much as possible.


I'm mainly used to shoot wide so this is the main reason I'm still unsure about the rx1: not being able to shoot 24mm equiv like on my pentax. I guess that is mostly caused by some kind of "zoom lens laziness" and I got into the habit of not framing or thinking much and shooting a lot at widest angle possible, and on the other hand I'm eager to try a fixed lens so that I'm forced to think and compose more.

I'm not quite interested in anything longer than a 35mm lens.

I DON'T like changing lenses. I used to carry with me also a 80-300 but I seldom used it and it simply broke my spine with the added weight on all day long walking trips.


After a lot of reading I came down to 2 models I'm really torn between for different reasons:

Sony RX1 and Fuji X-E1+18-55 zoom.

Both high IQ cameras, both light weight and both very sharp.

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