Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

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Re: Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

webfrasse wrote:

It's not a hack. It's a feature in 10.8.

It's a hack. It's not something you can turn on, it's something you have to 'hack' into operation using information on the internet and a command line tools. When Apple allow you to switch it on using a preference pane you can go back to claiming it's not a hack.

Word of warning to the OP.

1. Be sure you trust your backups, but it sounds like you do.

2. There's no guarantee the terminal hack to get fusion up and running is ALL that is needed to turn a HDD + SSD into a fully functioning fusion drive.

It sure looks like it works but are all SSDs drives equal? Is Trim being run correctly on the SSD? If you match hardware exactly are you using the same drive firmware as the Apple drives? Is your iMac drive controller exactly the same as that in the new iMacs?

In summary, I "feel" it will work just fine and if I needed to I'd give it a go, but there's many very technical reasons why something may go wrong. You don't have to have a major bug to have things start corrupting data on untested and slightly incompatible hardware configurations.

Time machine will get you so far but watch out for having time machine backing up data that's already been damaged by this hack.

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