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Re: Art and Photography...

Buchan-Grant wrote:

any views?

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For me its missing the middle ground which at the end of the day is IMHO by far the most important part of photographys artistic contribution.

I think its possible for many areas of photography to have a good but not overridingly conceptual artistic aspect to them. Whats more I think these areas(landscape, protrait, street life etc) now arguebley forfill a similar kind of gap to that which paintings of similar subjects did a century or two ago.

Generally my view is that many areas of "high art"(painting, scupture, classical music etc) have fundamentally changed in there appeal with many newer artforms(photography, cinema, popular music) taking there place in terms of art with a wide appeal. Something like a Caravaggio alterpeice wasnt aimed at a few beard stroking intellectuals it was aimed at the average chruch goer.

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