How many would choose stellar 50mm f/2 IS over a mediocre 50mm f/1.4/1.2?

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Re: I can help with that.

Here are a few fullsize pics from the 5D + 50 / 1.2L wide open:

Makes it easier to judge the sharpness for the region of the photo within the DOF.

definitely. love the guy's (joe's) skills and just enough gear to do such tests.

the point is - 50/1.2 makes sense if someone really needs or wants f/1.2 (with "want" definitely being loosely related to "need" - that's not sin, as long as the distinction is clear to buyers mind ).

and I find it especially tricky to make statements like "you need lens XXX to do this kind of photos", with those photos more often than not making no sense at all, being unappealing and last but not least - not even demonstrating strong points of lens XXX. which was exactly the case with the leaf photo.

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