Tamron 14-150 for m43!!

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Re: Great! I need a new paperweight!

Well, you have the edge on me, because I DO do heavy PP, hence neither compacts nor superzooms are of interest to me.  So there's only one acceptably fast superzoom camera, the FZ200?
I'm surprised.
So how would an FZ200 compare with (say) a GX1 of GF whatever and the Tamron?

Steen Bay wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

No, I'm not kidding. In my experience sensor size is totally irrelevant.
If you take a 12MP OOC JPG at base ISO from a full frame camera, an APS-C camera, an MFT camera, and a compact, print them huge, and ask people to examine them and spot the difference, all with lenses of equal quality, they will see no inherent difference (the individual cameras will vary of course).

Increasing the size of the sensor (within reason) is only useful if:
* You will push the RAW photo in post.
* You are shooting above base ISO.
* You want subject separation.
The first is unlikely with this class of lens.
The second is negated by the sloth of the lens.
If the third matters, this is the wrong lens anyway..

Though, all compacts with more than 10x zoom, except the FZ200, have slow lenses too, so a mFT camera + Tamron 14-150 would beat them clearly at higher ISOs, and mFT + 14-150 will also have a potential resolution advantage (assuming that the 14-150 is good enough), because a mFT camera has less diffraction (and less DoF) than a compact if shooting at the same f-stop.

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