NEX-7 SEL18200LE focus problems

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: NEX-7 SEL18200LE focus problems

I've noticed that the NEX-7 has issues with focussing in dark situations.

Sometimes when I set the SEL18200 to 18mm and its largest Aperture opening, it will focus fine, but when I zoom in, the largest Aperture opening becomes smaller and suddenly it will not focus anymore. When I zoom out again, focus works again.

The only way around this is to use the AF assistance light. Unfortunately the SEL18200 is so big, that it partly blocks the AF assistance light. And unfortunately, the AF assistance light of my flash also does not work with the NEX-7.

So then the only solution is to manually focus on vision in the magnified view or use a laser pointer pattern to provide something to focus on. The latter can influence the metering, so you have to meter and lock first.

Bottom line: Focussing in dark situations is a nightmare and takes lots of practice using DMF.

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