help nex-7 settings, pictures keep coming out of focus/blurry...moving baby? what's AEL mode?

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Re: help nex-7 settings, pictures keep coming out of focus/blurry...moving baby? what's AEL mode?

What focus mode do you use? In continuous AF it can be expected that you get out of focus shots.

Set it to single shot.

Also, you may want to try out DMF. This is auto focus, but with the ability to manually finetune.

The image will zoom in and you will be able to see which parts of your subject are in focus.

In the beginning you will be too slow doing this, but you get better and better.

If you do not have the time, make sure you use large apertures like f/11. This makes sure that the area that is sharp (Depth of Field / DOF) is larger, giving you a bigger chance of getting your subject sharp.

When you do that, your camera needs to compensate for the lesser amount of light. So it will lower the shutter speed. But that is another reason for blurry pictures. So you will want to use the rule mentioned above to make sure your shutter speed does not go lower than double the focal length.

This means you can only work with the ISO to achieve that. But higher ISOs also give less crispy pictures, because more noise is introduced.

In most cases you can still make a decent picture by juggling those 3 components.

If not, then the only solution is a flash. I achieve fantastic results with a flash pointing towards the ceiling or a wall. This allows you to use high Aperture values, the flash will freeze the action, no matter what shutter speed and the ISO can normally be kept in ranges below 400/800.

Try it and you will love your pictures.

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