FZ200 and a 8000x14000 pixel image anyone?

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Re: FZ200 and a 8000x14000 pixel image anyone?

RevsCam wrote:

So as I understand it, you are not stitching a pan, but enlarging and stacking, sort of a poor-man's drizzling technique? Seems to work well.

Yes, that is correct. Stacking is better with these cameras. The images produced with small sensor cameras are extremly sharp due to the tiny format and big lenses. A lens like this on a full format camera would weigh a ton. Not practical. And artifacts due to the amount of glass would be a big problem. In the old days we knew that going from 4x5" large format to 8x10" would not give 4 times the sharpness, but maybe 2 times the sharpness, but more important; 4 times less noise. Hope this makes sense. A large optical system will have more optical flaws than a tiny, all things beeing equal. So with stacking you get the best of two worlds up to a point. On a more practical note, I have shown that 11 images of the FZ150 gives the resolution and noise level of a full format DSLR *in prints*. And here is the kicker; The DOF on the tiny camera makes the FZ150 (or FZ200) an unsurpassed camera for large landscape images. You can not do this with a DSLR unless you use tilt/shift lenses (which I of course have

The IS and burst of 11 images is a stroke of genious from Panasonic when it comes to light travel photography.

I do stitching with my DSLR to get super wide, extremely high resolution work. But then you need a panoramic head, and a very well calibrated set up. I have done a 27 image with a Canon 5D II and Leica R 35mm Summicron. The file was a 2GB, 180 degrees image with absolutely insane resolution  It was hard to pull off, because the exposures took almost 5 minutes, and even the sligtest gush of wind would take the branches and grass out of position for stitching.

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