NEX as a DSLR Replacement

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Re: NEX as a DSLR Replacement

Paks wrote:

My question is this: if the NEX system is as sucessful as it appears (I own and use primarily an NEX 6), why are'nt there more (and more successful) posts using NEX cameras to the DPR challenges.

Hi mate, I came second in the "Lake reflections" challenge last week with this one taken on my Nex-5

And sixth with this one last year, in to the "Into the light" challenge, again with the Nex.

So there is no reason a Nex cannot place in these challenges.

The NEX system cameras are the equal of any DSLR with the same size sensor. The only thing holding back the system is the lack of lens. These will/and are coming, the EOS series came out in the late eighties. And Nikon the fifties so they both have a massive advantage.

Like any "trade" a good photographer won't blame their tools.

I have a DSLR, and I'am getting another this week, but my NEX will still be my most used camera.



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