Need help on my new canon 320ex speedlight!!!

Started Jan 29, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Need help on my new canon 320ex speedlight!!!

panchle wrote:

hi! I just bought a canon 320ex speedlight for my canon 7d and a set of kodak rechargeable batteries for the flash and it fires and all but my photos come out black all the time... any suggestions? a my doing something wrong?

Greeting from Mexico

You should be more specific about what's going on, or maybe post an image with full exif data. Taking you literally, "come out black all the time" means you have a shutter or sensor (or lenscap) problem, as if there's any ambient light they shouldn't be totally black unless you're using a really fast shutter speed and small aperture.

What settings are you using (what mode... P? Green box? M? Av? Tv? something else? what aperture and shutter speed), and what kind of ambient light is present?  Does the camera work fine with no flash?  With the built in pop-up?

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