LX5: Winter beauty

Started Jan 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
SirLataxe Veteran Member • Posts: 3,859
Re: LX5: Winter beauty

Mr Siegrist,

Thank you for that larger view.  It does make a difference, size.  Yes, size does matter. 

This photo is one of a number of very fine winter scenes we have been enjoying here in the Panasonic forum of late.  But your image is one of those that is not just a good composition of an attractive scene.  It has a wistful and even melancholly feel that is nontheless very peaceful. It invokes a whole series of feelings, some of them quite contradictory.

Many photographers seek to capture "mood" but end up with over-saturated cliches that are not so much a capture of the mood as a portrayal of their desire to impress the rest of us with their "art".  Your photo, for me, is a (literal) illustration of how a minimal and seemingly simple photo can express a great deal with very little; and with no obvious photographer ego prancing all over it with a photo-editor.


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