Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

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Re: Zeikos 4.5x tele lens for G1X

Lemon Tree,

first I have to say that I am very please that I have found another person that is interested in tele converters for the G1X, since I have had some threads here with little response - which is frustrating if you want to exchange information. I am still looking for people that would share their experience with Reynox or other brands on a G1X

Regarding the Zeiko 4.5x, I have no experience nor have I heard about it before. I am using 1.8x Siocore converter - see the thread about that one:


G1X & 1.8x HD Siocore tele lens

There is a current discussion regarding P&S camera at this thread that also included experiences with other cameras and converters:


From looking at the picture it looks like if the tele lens is attached to the lens of the G1X and not to the body itself. This has one advantage that it moves with the zoom and you can use it as a real zoom lens, which you cannot on a normal converter (only max zoom or massive vignetting).

Vignetting with tele converter

Disadvantage the whole weight of the converter hangs on the zoom lens of the G1X, which is quite a strain and might kill the zoom motor (please see also Gordon Buck's discussion on that problem: http://lightdescription.blogspot.de/2012/04/g1x-wide-angle-conversion-lens.html).

The price of the Zeiko is obviously VERY attractive. I paid €135 (about US$182 incl. 19% German VAT) for my 1.8x HD Siocore (standard version is cheaper).

When I found the Siocore converter nobody in this forum could help (it was the only one available at that time), so I just ordered and tried it out. If you can't get any info here, I suggest you try the same - but please - be so kind to share your experience later! Thanks a lot.


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