Saving edited & un-edited RW2 files

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Re: Saving edited & un-edited RW2 files

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

SirLataxe wrote:

I export the whole batch to their final destination on my hard drives (main plus two external backups)

And here I thought I was the only one to had two off computer backups.

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Well....  Long ago I once foolishly renamed every image file on my HD with a single name (a finger-glitch in Photoshop Elements Organiser).  I had some backed up (it was a sporadic process then, when I remembered) so I could recover those files bearing their right names; but had to manually rename all the others.

This experience was a-one of those small life learning lessons.  Do backups reg'lar & soon, ee fool! And so I have done ever since.  Only once have I needed a backup, when a motherboard fried and the computer shop managed to format the data disc whilst rebuilding the PC with it's new board and an upgrade or two.

This made me even more paranoid.  I also now have "scattered" backups - periodicaly-made copies of important files such as photos that are distributed geographically (to relatives' PCs) as well as across a hard disk or two local to the PC.

These are never 100% fully up-to-date, except when renewed every month or so.  Nevertheless, they address the small risk of fire/theft of my local computer gubbins.  I use those small HDs powered via the USB cable, which the relatives can either stick in a drawer or connect to their PC to view the photos of them all enjoying past hollies.

I also make DVDs of the very dearest photos (those of family members, the ladywife, dead pets and so forth).  These are hid away.

I know; paranoia strikes deep! But it's a small effort that will have a big payoff if the worst risk to photos should ever be realised.


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