Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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There's lots of misnomers, crop factor is another one!

Calling ANY sensor that's smaller than 135/35mm format (the so-called "full frame") as having a "crop factor" is anther one.

If you use a DX lens on a DX camera there is no cropping taking place, therefore no crop factor. There is a MULTIPLICATION FACTOR IF you want to compare it to a reference format, i.e. 135/35mm format.

Don't know how many times I've had a Canikony user ask me what the crop factor of my FourThirds camera is, when the lens attached is designed for the Four Thirds mount, so no cropping is taking place. Bridge & p&s cameras don't have removable lenses, yet they are said to have a crop factor even though you can't mount SLR lenses to them.

And what happens when you compare a larger format camera, do you then have a NEGATIVE crop factor?

Unfortunately Wiki has it wrong promoting the wrong use of the term "crop factor"...the ONLY time you have cropping taking place is when you have a lens on your camera designed for a larger format. For instance if I take a medium format (4x5) lens and put it on a 135/35mm ("full frame") camera, you'd have a crop factor on the full frame camera!

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