x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

Jonny Y wrote:

According to Amazon UK, the x100s will be available on Feb 18th. That sounds early, given what else I've read on these forums and elsewhere, but it's an indication and should be along soon. So the question is what to go for.

I've seen an x100 here in Shanghai, supposedly new (looked it) but obviously grey market, for the equivalent of 480 GBP. Amazon UK lists the 100s as costing a shade under 1100 GBP. So, massive difference.

Price is definitely a concern for me and I would be stretching like crazy to afford the 100s. I guess I'm looking for some x100 owners to tell me that I wouldn't be disappointed in an x100!

I'm very much an amateur, and a lapsed one at that. I'm drawn to the x100 due to the manual controls (which would slow me down and make me think again, after years of snap shots on fully automatic cameras) and the much vaunted image quality. I WOULD like great MF performance but I could probably cope without it.

Any advice please? To stretch myself financially or not?

Head over to flickr and look through the X100 groups, if you like what you see and money is an issue go with the X100.

There are some great photos in those flickr X100 groups which for all the X100's shortcomings and quirks didn't stop that photographer.

The cheapest new I've seen in the UK is £529 which is £600 cheaper than the list price for the X100s, I doubt that the price will drop on the X100 much more if at all

AF performance with the latest firmware on the X100 isn't slow but the AF is claimed to be faster on the X100s although we will have to see how accurate this fast focusing is, its a new system that has every chance of falling flat on its face.

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