XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: XZ10 221 grams, Canon S100 198g, Sony RX100 240g

photo perzon wrote:

A nice backup to the RX100, perhaps the first alternative.

you are joking I hope? People buy the RX100 because it has a MUCH bigger sensor in similar sized camera. And then these same people would buy a camera with much smaller sensor as a backup? Just do the math, there is no advantage in using the XZ-10 over RX100 when looking at equivalent aperture (DOF control). And while it sounds great to have f/2.7 aperture at tele instead of f/4.9 (two stops gain), the difference in sensor size easily annihilates that advantage.

RX100 equiv. aperture f/4.9-13.4

XZ-1 equiv. aperture f/8.5-11.8

XZ-10 equiv. aperture f/10.2-15.3

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