A77 v. 1.07 = Really big yawn!

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Re: A77 v. 1.07 = Really big yawn!

Ionian wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

Frenske wrote:

It would be worrying if major changes in firmware were required, which in short means that the engineers did not do there job correctly in the first place.


Thk god Sony does not need to issue firmware updates to fix problems like certain company that makes calculators and cameras.

Hahaha....No, Sony loves to pretend that the problems don't exist. Far worse.

But you keep telling yourself whatever you have to! Bwahahaaaa

Ok, I bite. What these problems are ?

Don't bother to list lack of tethering on A77 or lack of micro-adjustment bc those are not problems, Sony never said that those cameras have it.

Nor did Sony say that A77 is a high ISO camera or that Sony jpegs are the best.

Just bc you dont like something does not mean it's a problem with the camera, only in your head.

You should blame only yourself that you bought a camera that does not live up to your expectations, next time try do some research before you buy a camera.

Or better yet buy Nikon, they just issued a firmware update that fixed problems.

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